Buying an existing Plumbing, HVAC, or Electrical business that is for sale is like buying the rights to a mine rich in gold.

You just need to know how to mine it. We can help you.


Lucky for you, there are thousands of business owners who don’t get it. Frustrated with the amount of effort it takes to make such little profit. Frustrated with finding good employees. Frustrated with marketing. Flat out burnt out.


More likely than not, the seller of a plumbing business lacks the knowledge, tools, focus, energy, and discipline required to turn it into a happy client producing, money printing machine.


So, they do the next best thing...


They sell it to you. And you’ll do what they couldn’t. Mine the gold.


Buying a home service business, be it plumbing, electrical, or HVAC can be an excellent investment.


I can tell you from experience that a properly positioned business offering residential plumbing and HVAC repair and replacement services can be as close to recession proof as it gets. In the years between 2008 and 2012, while other contractors were going broke and laying off employees, we were setting new high sales and profit records in our plumbing & HVAC service company’s history. There are very few business opportunities that I am aware of that have the potential return on investment that buying the right plumbing, HVAC, or home service business provides.


Reasons to buy or become an investor in a Plumbing & HVAC service business:

  1. Can be virtually recession proof
  2. Superb return on investment
  3. Low initial capital investment required, since most of the ripest businesses for acquisition are priced under $750,000
  4. Residential service and repair business can provide very stable revenues month-to-month- and banks like that
  5. You don’t need to be a Plumber to own a plumbing business, although it doesn’t hurt if you are
  6. Service businesses are highly profitable- we run ours at over 20% and have for decades
  7. With the right business systems, they are easy to run- we will help you with this

You should probably wipe the drool off your chin.


Have a look around.

If you’re serious about your success in the Residential Plumbing, HVAC, or Electrical home service space, we need to talk


We feel this is pretty obvious, but my attorney felt it was important to say:

DISCLAIMER- Although all information on this site is based on our real-life experiences and results, none of it is intended to be used as investment advice.