Frequently Asked Questions

Yup, we do. It’s like the floatation devise you sit on while riding in an airplane. We have never had to use it, but when you’re a passenger on the PlumbAmatic™ rocket you know your sitting on a way to get all your money back if were just another consultant full of hot hydrogen.

We primarily work directly with the owners of plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and home service businesses. However, there are situations where our services may be requested by someone other than the business owners such as a banker or other creditor who is trying to protect the bank’s interest when a business is under water. Despite the fact our business knowledge, systems, and procedures can cross over to other direct-to-consumer service businesses, our passion lies with trades people. I’m a plumber, I’m a HVAC tech. I want to help hands-on trades people so that’s what we do. 

Nope, and far from it. One of the reasons we started doing what we do is because of how ineffective most best practice groups are. One size fits all doesn’t work. Plain and simple. While hiding behind the mask of business success (and yes, they do want you to be successful) is a wolf who is finding ways to make more money from you every time you turn around. They say “if you want to be successful you need our training” (extra money), “sell this product to set yourself apart from the competition” (group getting a kick back), “use our marketing people if you want to grow” (group getting a kick back), “come to the next meeting” (make new friends so you pay us for another year) … you get the drift. We are hands-on business strategists. We apply strategies unique to your business, your goals, and your market.

Great question. Remember when I said one size fits all approaches don’t work? Well there are a lot of different ways we make money and we’re quite open to finding a way to make business success affordable for our clients. Below are the most common ways PlumbAmatic™ rings the till.


  1.  Project based- When a client has a project they need us involved in, we provide a proposal with an exact cost upfront before any of the work is done, just like you provide your clients a proposal when they call you with a need.

  2. Membership- We have pre-developed business systems, technician training, call center training, procedures, recruitment programs, job descriptions, and the list can go on and on. This information is much like what you get from a best practice group, except it is far better and way more detailed. For a company that is more of the DIY mentality, this is the way to go. These resources are available via a monthly membership. And it’s way less than the best practice groups charge.

  3.  Performance models- Want us to put our money where our mouth is? Gladly. This is a “you win we win” model. And if you lose, we lose.

  4. Partnership- Equity and non-equity partnerships between PlumbAmatic™ and a client are also a revenue model for us, however for this to be considered, it has to be the right client.

Have a different model in mind? Let us know. We’re very open minded.  

We just might be unless you call first :).  Sorry for my shameless close? No. We will only work with one company per market, per trade. Our value to you is our exclusivity.

Yes. Our relationship with our clients is strictly confidential. We enter into a mutual NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and confidentiality agreement when we engage with any client. We also take every measure possible to protect any electronic data you transfer to us. 

Strictly confidential, remember? Just kidding. Our current project based client load is largely dependent on the complexity of the projects we are working on. We have had years where we only have the capacity to work with one client. Here’s the thing, we bleed success and sometimes our clients’ success requires a lot of our blood, sweat, and tears. We won’t take additional work if it compromises our work with another client. No matter how much money is in the other job. That’s just our DNA.


In addition to the project work we do, we have a robust PlumbAmatic™ membership that takes full advantage of our online training delivery system, systems and procedures, marketing templates, and business operation manuals available to them at an almost embarrassing low monthly investment. 

Yes, we carry a professional liability insurance policy like all business consultants, advisors and strategists should.

Yes we are. These tools are used to market our business and stay in touch socially with our clients.  

Kiss and Tell? Not us! Our relationship with our clients is strictly confidential. Trust us, you don't want your competition knowing what you're up to, which is why many of our clients choose not to "follow" or "like" our social media pages.  

We stay in touch professionally. Many use Facebook/social media for business because it has cheap (free) video/webinar hosting or because they think it's good marketing. Plumbamatic™ invests in software that allows us to provide all of the social elements that social media provides with the ability to keep everything confidential.

You can send us a message through the website

You can email us directly

You can call us at 262-361-3424


After you’re a client, most of our communication will take place via online meetings and through our training delivery system, as well as email and phone.

I get it because we’re also in the plumbing & HVAC service business. To assist business owners who are strapped into day-to-day operations, we are adept to holding most of our meetings outside of normal business hours. The great news is, you do the hard time now and in a year or two it’s all unicorns and rainbows.