Tools to grow and systemize your plumbing business

When it comes to building successful plumbing, HVAC, and home service companies... these are the tools of the trade.


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Train like you fight and fight like you train.

The world's most successful organizations take their training montras right out of the military. How many years of training did it take you to become the licensed and certified plumber or HVAC tech that you are today? And where would you be as a technical professional if the training you received was like the training your staff currently receives? Scary thought, I know!

The fact is that the single most important part of being a business leader is training. We also know the single hardest part of being a business leader is training! This is why TrainAmatic™ was developed. TrainAmatic™ is an Automatic Training Delivery System and it does exactly what it sounds like it does. Once we set up your criteria, TrainAmatic™ automates the training process so you don't have to. You determine how often a team member must attend training and what areas you want a team member to train on. Then the system holds that person accountable by sending progress reports, quiz scores, and assignments directly to you or a supervisor. TrainAmatic™ is a game changer for training the industry's best people.

PlumbAmatic™ makes training for onboarding, sales, the call center, products, systems and procedures automatic with TrainAmatic™.

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I Want An EASY Training System For My Team!  


Take marketing and advertising advice from people who don't sell it.

Think about it!  Who makes the best faucet?  If you ask your Kohler rep, they'll tell you Kohler and if you ask your Moen rep, they'll tell you Moen. Makes sense, right?  I mean, who is the best plumber in your market?  It's you!

Advertising - Plumbamatic™ members get advertising advice from people who have spent millions in the last few years buying marketing and advertising for the same reason you do... to brand and to grow.  Plumbamatic™ knows what works and what doesn't because everything we do is tested and measured.

Branding -  In the eyes of the market, who are you?  I'm betting dollars to donuts what your client thinks and what you want them to think are two different things. We will help paint the picture of you and your business in the minds of your clients.

Copywriting - Where to invest your money is the first step.  What to say to your market is the second.  Billions of dollars per year are burned in a pit of bad copywriting.  Good ads sound good.  Great ads generate money.  Plumbamatic™ members measure results in money.  Let's create great ads together.

Internet - Pay per click, organic, SEO, Angie's List, referral sites, location based SEO, and all the other lead generation opportunities out there... the internet is a jungle and PlumbAmatic™ is your machete.

I Want More New Clients Than My Competition!





If we don't know where we are going, how will we know when we get there?

At the core, we at PlumbAmatic™ are business strategists for the success of your home service company.  We're technical people (like you), we fix things (like you) and most of all, we love to prevent challenges (like you).  Your team deserves to know your vision for your business and how they play a role in that.  What are your sales goals for this year?  What is the focus this month?  How many responses from the current promotion will it take for it be successful?

Recruiting -  If your top technician turns in his or her two weeks notice today, what is your plan?  Having a living and breathing recruiting program is the key to making sure you're staffed for success.  PlumbAmatic™ clients have a list of people ready to fill all positions in their company at the drop of a hat.  Curious how? Let's connect and find out what your goals are, where you currently are and where you want to go. Let's give your team what they deserve- a plan.

Measure - Effective leaders have plans, and they also measure and analyze results.  Do you know what the key performance indicators of your business are? Do you know what the numbers need to be or should be?  PlumbAmatic™ businesses are hooked to a business multimeter because you MUST know the vitals of your business.

ThriveAmatic™ will help you, if you're willing

I want to be in control of my future



It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.

The butterfly effect in business is the line in the sand between the stagnant and the thriving.  PlumbAmatic™ will examine your business with you to identify the areas where you are losing gold dust in the cracks.  It's in our DNA to see the areas in any business where a minor adjustment can be made that will produce major positive changes over time. 

Look at this... The addition of one or two more booked sales per week could add $500,000 more per year of income to your company, could positively change the life of 52 more clients, and would provide more than 52 days of work for your staff. That's just the tip of the iceberg.  What about the referrals that could come from those 52 clients? 

PlumbAmatic™ clients have a plan, they know what they want and how they will get there.  Their phone rings because they want it to ring, and when it does that call is converted to a revenue producing client because the staff is trained by TrainAmatic™.  The dollars spent per lead is low because we allocate the budget where we get results. Everyone knows the plan, their role in the plan and exactly how to execute it.  And that, my partner, is how to PlumbAmatic™.

I want you to work for me, not my competition