Plumbing Price Book – HVAC Price Book

On Point Pricing™

Save time- Over 350 relevant tasks pre built and ready to use. Save money- No per user fees, no membership required.
Accurate & Customizable- Calculate the selling price based on your actual costs of labor, materials, and desired margin.



Drive Profits- Failure to price right is why most small businesses fail. Know you're charging enough but not too much!



Built to export- Instantly export to the most common softwares: 

Service Titan - House Call Pro - Service Fusion - Quickbooks - and more.

Build employee and client trust- Close more service calls at a higher average ticket with professional pricing built on true costs and fair margins.

Accurate | Simple to customize | Simple to use | No Monthly Fees | No Gimmicks

Plumbing, HVAC, or Electrical Price Book Builder.


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More about On Point Pricing™

  1. Simple to use
  2. Able to be printed or uploaded to any software
  3. Completely customizable
  4. Filled with hundreds of tasks already loaded in to it
  5. Not a glitchy app to download, requires no special software
  6. Applicable for time and material pricing or fixed fee pricing
  7. Very low in cost
  8. Guaranteed for pricing consistency
  9. Going to protect your profit margins
  10. Insuring you’re charging the right amount- not too much, and not too little 


Want the confidence that you’re charging what you need to charge in order to be profitable? Act now and Get in touch with us


We built the PlumbAmatic™ price guide builder because of the vast need in the industry for a low cost, simple-to-use pricing system for plumbers & HVAC contractors. On the surface, it’s nothing fancy. But under the hood it does everything that every other price book builder does and then some.


  • Calculate the selling price of your jobs any way you want it to- time and material, flat-rate, or a hybrid.
  • Input your costs of the job into the builder (labor, material, equipment, subcontractor, financing, and more) and it will tell you what to charge.
  • Offer multiple discounts or overtime charges to the whole guide or just one task.
  • Want to build in financing, credit card, or other fees? We’ve got that covered too.
  • When the book is complete, print it out for all your techs to carry, save it as a PDF on your phone, or upload it into any current plumbing business software for mobile use.
  • Want something customized further? Just let us know and we will get it done.




For the simplest and most cost-effective way to build a price book for your plumbing, HVAC, or home service business click here. P.S.- If you’re too busy to customize the book yourself, we will do it for you.