Plumbing and HVAC Business Consultants

We are plumbing, HVAC, electrical and home service business consultants.  Well, not really.

I don’t particularly care for the word “consultant”.

Maybe I have had a bad experience or 10, but consultant to me implies someone who acts like they know more than you, who will gladly tell you what they think you’re doing wrong in exchange for money.


Unfortunately, because of the nature of our services we are often coined as consultants.


To set the record straight, I’m a strategist not a consultant, and PlumbAmatic™ is an organization of highly skilled strategists that specifically work for Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, and all other Home Service Companies in a multitude of ways. We are action oriented, we roll our sleeves up and not only identify challenges, but we actively build the strategy to get you where you want to go and take action with you. Oh yeah, I almost forgot a biggie. We actually own and manage our own highly successful Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning service business. We practice what we preach.


The first tool we use when going to work on your behalf are our ears. One size fits all approaches to helping contractors doesn’t work. What works for us may not work for you. Every company is unique, and so are our solutions.


We do much more than: Training, Marketing & Branding, and Business systems and procedures/ planning.


Our capabilities are vast. From delivering custom training to multi-location mega businesses, down to entering 12 Walmart bags filled with coffee stained receipts and a years’ worth of invoices into an accounting program our client can now manage themselves.

  • We help the small one-man shops automate mundane tasks such as invoicing, call taking, book keeping, quoting, etc., so they can spend what little free time they have with their family
  • We work shoulder-to-shoulder with the seasoned business owner to find ways to grind that net profit from 17.5% to 21%
  • We help companies hire their first employee
  • We have stepped in and ran clients’ businesses so they can take a much-deserved vacation
  • We have financial assistance available to clients for an expansion, acquisitions and other capital needs
  • We teach business owners how to produce, read, and understand a financial statement
  • We will invest and partner with the right Plumbing & HVAC businesses
  • We help great companies become greater and fix broken ones


Most business owners are aware of the things that should be done to to build a better company. Most business owners don’t have the time to execute. Execution is where we roll up our sleeves to make the changes you need in your business happen.  



            Let’s get the right Plumbing Business Software implemented.

            Let’s get your accounting squared up so you can get the financial info you need to be successful.

            Let’s tackle that price book.

            Let’s get those invoices, contracts, price books, sales brochures, printed and in your team’s hands.

            Let’s add HVAC services to your plumbing business or plumbing to your HVAC company.

            Let’s get those systems and procedures done.

            Let’s get a handle on your marketing.

            Let’s build a business plan.

            Let’s tighten up on inventory, re-ordering, and operations in your organization.

            Let’s build a business you can sell. For lots of money.

            Let’s build a company where people are proud to work.

            Let’s build wealth for you and your family.


How can PlumbAmatic™ make your life better? Please tell us.