Plumbing and HVAC Business Software

Looking for a Software solution for your Plumbing or HVAC Business?

Implementing the right software for your company could be one of the single best decisions you make in your business career. Implementing the wrong software, without question, will be one of the worst decisions you will have made in your career.

It’s a slippery slope.


PlumbAmatic™ will help you navigate this slope like a billy goat.


Before we dig in…

  1. We do not sell software, get paid from software companies, or have an opinion at this point what software would be best for your business
  2. I have spent months of my life in research, testing, and demo-ing in search of the best software for plumbing contractors
  3. We don’t recommend the same software to all our clients
  4. My search likely began much like yours


Here is a summary of what I have found.


Generally speaking, the best plumbing software companies have the following major features:


  1. Calendar/ schedule board- A way to manage the daily, weekly, monthly schedule for your technicians
  2. Customer management system- This is where you enter client information, addresses, and details about the client, as well as pull up past service history
  3. Some way to make an invoice and ability to send it to the client
  4. Some way to transfer invoice data to an accounting system, if accounting is not built into the software
  5. Various bells & whistles- These can range from phone call recording, GPS tracking, built-in mapping, maintenance agreement management, credit card processing, mobile software apps, reporting, inventory management, job site photos… the list is endless

During my demo's and sales interactions with countless software companies here is what I learned: 

  • Like everything else in life, there are pros and cons to all software
  • Most companies who develop and sell software have no clue about plumbing, HVAC, or any other type of home service business
  • Most software does a lot of things, but not all things well
  • Some software is nothing more than a glorified calendar
  • Most software marketed for plumbing and HVAC was not designed for plumbing and HVAC
  • The sales person will make the program look easy, they will tell you it’s easy and you will find out different at some point
  • Most software does things you’ll like never need, nor want it to do
  • They all boast about how good their training is (yup, I’m sure the 30 minutes you get is great!)
  • They all say “that feature will roll out next month” as they lie through their teeth
  • Glitch free software for plumbers doesn’t seem to exist
  • Fully customizable doesn’t mean fully customizable
  • “Yes, it can do that” doesn’t mean it can do that without 5 extra steps
  • Software sales people take the overuse of phrases like reach out, collaborate, functionality, and integration to a whole new level
  • The right software for one business is the wrong for the next

There is a lot to consider, and this is a major decision. We will help you make the right choice by taking into consideration what so many people overlook.


Here are a few things having a strategist will help you uncover:

  • What software you’re currently using
  • What you hope to gain from a new software program
  • What you need to have from your software
  • Who will use it and how will they use it
  • How your software choice may impact other areas of your business such as daily workflow and accounting practices
  • What it will take to implement
  • Data migration (get your old stuff into the new system)
  • What changes you’ll have to make to get ready to implement

The first step to finding the right software is to contact us. I can save you days of your life and thousands of pesky emails and phone calls.


If you prefer to dig in some on your own, here are a few websites where you can research software for your plumbing and HVAC business.