Marketing and Branding for Plumbing and HVAC Businesses

How to dominate your market through marketing and branding your plumbing business


In the wild wild west of Marketing plumbing, HVAC, and home service companies, you’ll need either a John Wayne or PlumbAmatic™.


Not sure you know this yet, but in addition to helping build other people’s companies into market dominant, highly profitable service machines, we monitor ours- which is currently on cruise control.


During my now 20+ years in this business, marketing and advertising a plumbing and HVAC business is the most frustrating part of owning the business. It’s not the process or figuring out what works. That’s the easy part. It’s dealing with peddlers of marketing, SEO, internet, Facebook, and every other new way clients can find you today.


Have you ever thought…


Does Facebook marketing work? Should I do Google pay per click? Is SEO helping my plumbing business? How much should I spend on SEO? Geo targeting and location-based search: what is the difference? Are the yellow pages dead for plumbers and home service contractors? Does my plumbing company have a good website? What does a good website for a home service company even look like?


We have too.


If you bought everything these so called marketing experts offered you, you would be broke. I don’t want you to be broke, I want you to be wealthy.


Well then… When, where, how should I advertise my plumbing business? How much should I spend? What tips do you have for designing ads for plumbers?


These are all simple questions on the surface, however, the answer is highly dependent on many factors.

  • Your market?
  • Your size?
  • What are your goals?
  • What are your capabilities as an organization?
  • What is your secret sauce?


For our clients looking to grow, or even looking for simple marketing and branding advice, here is what works:


  1. Together we figure out what the mission is
  2. Together we evaluate what tweaks we can make to your current marketing program to help make the mission happen
  3. Together we will determine an advertising budget and a marketing plan for your plumbing service business
  4. If needed, together we go to the market and figure out what the most cost-effective way is to accomplish the mission
  5. Together we make it happen
  6. Together we measure the results


It’s that simple.


Although the recipe is always a bit different for each client, the main ingredients are always the same.


Here are a few ingredients required for successfully marketing a home service company for growth:                 


  1. Branding- We will paint a picture in your future client’s mind about your business, earn their trust, and convince them you are the solution when they have a plumbing or HVAC problem that needs fixing. Branding is the successful integration of your company’s visual image (logo, trucks, uniforms, website) and perceived image (company values, guarantees, mission statement, services offered, team members, and quality of service delivered).
  2. Advertising- To put your name and contact information in the places people actually go when they have a problem your business solves.
  3. Copywriting- Good ads look, feel, and sound like ads. Great ads print hundred dollar bills. I like hundred dollar bills. Do you?
  4. Reputation management- The online reputation of your plumbing business is very powerful. We teach our clients how to leverage all the happy customers they have to build a stellar reputation empire within their market. This is where we use the tool of social media. 


We don’t sell advertising, we don’t get paid based on how much you spend, we don’t like advertising sales people, and we know what we’re doing. You’ll want us on your team. Be brave, drop us a line -your wallet will thank you later.


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