Want to grow your plumbing, HVAC, or electrical business?

Let’s do it. Here’s how.

There are two kinds of growth PlumbAmatic™ clients are after.

Organic Growth (Oak Tree)- This is my personal favorite. Organic growth to PlumbAmatic™ means putting strategies in place and building out the structure in your business to handle a steady and strong growth pace. The branding, marketing, and advertising strategy is developed in unison with developing the systems and procedures required for the company to be able to sustain and capitalize on the growth. Like a pyramid, a company that wants to stand the test of time must start with a strong foundation. The recipe for oak tree growth is typically:

     1/3- Branding (getting people to want to do business with you before they need your services)

     1/3- Client Retention (making sure you have the business strategies in place to keep new clients, and retain the ones you have)

     1/3- Advertising (making sure people can find you when they need you)


Forced Growth (Pine Tree)- If you want to grow and grow fast, PlumbAmatic™ can help you grow and grow fast. Be advised, fast growth is not without its challenges. Ever heard the term “growing pains”? In business, growing pains happen when the foundation of the business cannot support the rate of growth. Pine tree growth comes easier than oak tree growth. That recipe is typically:

     3/4- Advertising

     1/4- Client Retention and Branding



No matter the of the type of growth you’re after, PlumbAmatic™ has what it takes to get you where you want to go.

  • Copywriting- We write ads and advertising content that move clients to take action and deposit money into your bank account.
  • Branding- We know what mountain tops to stand on and what to shout in order to burn your company’s mental image into tens of thousands of qualified homeowner’s minds.
  • Media Buying- Let us do the dirty work. We will deal with the “fine arts major gone marketing expert” sales people that work for the yellow pages, radio stations, and the dreaded internet marketing firms.
  • Website Development- So many high dollar website development companies are selling template websites to businesses that don’t know the difference. Let PlumbAmatic™ assist you with developing your plumbing business’s website.  
  • Systems and Procedures for Growth- Let’s look at it square in the eyes. The bigger your company, the more interactions you have with clients. The more interactions you have with clients means the more opportunity for failure to meet the client’s expectations. Smart business owners grow with a purpose and realize that the framework of a small business won’t support a large company. Smart business owners hire PlumbAmatic™ to help build the framework. Are you smart?
  • Mass Media- We don’t do much with TV, but we have rocked our market with radio. We believe the most cost-effective way to reach your market is via AM/FM radio, if your marketing budget allows for mass media. Want to make an impact in your market? So do we.
  • Marketing Budget- How much money should you be spending on marketing? That’s a great question, one in which I cannot answer without asking some questions of my own. Here is what I do know… there isn’t a budget large enough if you’re sending the wrong message to the wrong places in your market, and a small laser focused budget can send the right message to one right place in your market and achieve outstanding results. Let’s get together and talk marketing budgets!
  • Marketing Plan- This is the master plan. What is the budget? How do we get the right message to the right people? What is the best vehicle to use to deliver the message? What is the growth potential within your market? What kind of experience does your client have after they choose to do business with you? Will they be a repeat client? Did we successfully communicate your brand, your message, and service experience in all steps of the buying processes? These are all questions that are answered in a PlumbAmatic™ marketing plan. Let’s get to work and develop a marketing plan tailored to meet your growth potential.


Ready to go to work and blow this thing up? So are we. All you need to do is introduce yourself and we will get started!