Plumbing Business Due Diligence:

The art of painting a realistic picture of where the target business is, where it’s been, where you can take it, and how to get it there.

We are the Picasso of due diligence.  


We help industry veterans, first time plumbing business buyers, serial entrepreneurs, and investors alike uncover the truth, risks, and potential that lies inside the target Plumbing or HVAC business by providing unbiased answers and expert insight to these common questions:

  • Am I overpaying for this business?
  • What does this plumbing business really look like today?
  • How do I deal with the impact of this purchase on employees?
  • How to I deal with the impact of this purchase on the customers?
  • How do I deal with potential licensing issues?
  • How do I deal with outstanding contracts?
  • How much capitol do I need post acquisition?
  • What other hidden risks exist?
  • What do I want this plumbing business to look like in the future?
  • What needs to change in order to get it there? 
  • How do I get it done? 

How exactly do we go about this, you ask?


Well, when you have looked under the hood of as many Plumbing, HVAC, and other home service businesses as we have, you have seen just about everything. Through our many years of independent business ownership and being hands-on in Plumbing and HVAC businesses throughout the country, we have developed a process that quickly and accurately gets us to the bottom line of the key factors when being on the buy side of a plumbing business. Our process uncovers: 

  • Current and past financials
  • Real revenue breakdown (New Construction, Remodel, Service, Residential, Commercial, etc.)
  • What roles the owner really has
  • How day-to-day operations happen within the target
  • What the real growth potential is inside the business
  • What assets and liabilities exist within the current employee roster
  • Who is the real competition in the marketplace
  • Where does the target really stack up against competition in the marketplace 
  • What acquisition risks exist and how to mitigate them
  • What has to change about the existing business in order to obtain goals
  • How to get it done

What are the Deliverables?


Deliverables are the tangible items you as our client get when you hire PlumbAmatic™ to spearhead the operational due diligence of the plumbing and/or HVAC business you’re looking to buy. Deliverables are typically delivered in 3 Phases and will vary from deal to deal since they are tailored specifically to each client and target. To view a typical deliverable summary Click here.


What will you do with the Deliverables?


Our clients, when armed with the deliverables created during the due diligence process, have all the tools, knowledge, and knowhow needed in order to:


  • Negotiate a better purchase price
  • Secure financing
  • Have a clear financial picture of the businesses future
  • Deal with transitional challenges (employee, client, market, etc.)
  • Calculate working capital requirements
  • Mitigate risk
  • Execute the acquisition profitably and successfully


Want to see the Plumbing and HVAC company you want to buy through a crystal ball? SEND US A MESSAGE… and do so swiftly. The due diligence period is short. We have lots to do.


Let’s get doing.

Your future depends on it.