Guaranteed training designed specifically for plumbing and HVAC service companies, by highly successful Plumbing and HVAC service companies.  

Training challenges for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical business owners solved with TrainAmatic™.

TrainAmatic™ is an automated training delivery system for delivering custom training directly to your sales people, technicians, call center reps, and anyone else in your plumbing, HVAC, or electrical company.


The most successful companies in the world have something in common, and it’s training. The plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical industry can take a page of this book by overcoming some of the most common training challenges that home service businesses face:


  • Getting the whole team together- Let’s face it. Getting all your technicians in one room is a challenge, not to mention you’re paying them big dollars to sit in a meeting when they could be in the field making money.
  • Retaining information- Look around the room the next time you’re having a training meeting. How many people are actually retaining the information you are delivering?
  • Coming up with training topics- Most training topics come to mind in the midst of solving a challenge caused by something that could have been prevented by training. The issue with this is since the next meeting isn’t for a week, we tend to forget to cover these important topics with the team.
  • Training the whole team on a topic that only one member needs training on- Top producers are often forced to sit through redundant, frequent meetings and training because one or two members of the team doesn’t get it yet. This can be very toxic to your top technicians.
  • Time commitment- Realistically, the reason most of us don’t put the effort we should into training is because of the time it takes to develop it and perform the training.

How it works

Use our prebuilt training modules, a custom training module or build your own. Each team member in your company has a log-in to the system. Assign a course, or an entire learning module to your entire company, or just one individual on the team. Set a deadline for when the training must be completed and you’re done. The system will notify you when the team member has completed the course and send you a measurement of the information retained during the course. TrainAmatic™ is an amazing way to onboard new employees, deliver new training, and to brush up on key skills of your team. The training you assign can be anything from a written document, power point, video, product brochures, etc. The options are endless.


  • Cloud based online system- You can log-in to the system through browsers or the mobile app
  • Mobile App (allows training to be done even with no internet connection)
  • Assign complete training modules to your team
  • Assign a homework assignment- Let’s say you’re looking at reports and notice you have a tech who is struggling with selling maintenance agreements. You can log into TrainAmatic™ and assign this tech an assignment requesting he/she upload an audio recording of his next service call. The tech will immediately get notified through the app that they have a homework assignment. They can record the interaction they have with their next client and upload the audio file to the system. You will be notified when they complete the task and be able to access the file and comment on the assignment.
  • Track all user activity
  • Upload training in any format- Power point, word document, spread sheet, video, audio, or a combination of all of the above
  • Allow your team to complete training during unproductive time
  • Track information retention with the use of quizzes
  • Use our training, custom training, or build your own
  • Schedule meetings and training sessions with your techs and allow them to attend via live webinar or view recorded meetings/training

TrainAmatic™ can be used for:

  • Onboarding training
  • Safety training to stay OSHA compliant
  • Call center training
  • Customer service training
  • Objection handling
  • Storing tech resources such as company handbooks, time off request sheets, warranty information, price books, systems, procedures, vendor lists, or any document, video, or file
  • Technical training
  • Sales training
  • Assigning tasks
  • Delivering new product information
  • Implementing company policy changes or new policies

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